aVin next wine tasting and concert, March 17th at Studio QUE. Let’s celebrate the beginning of the spring with a glass of white or rosé in music!2018/2/20

New sparkling wines from Die, Clairettes & Crémants!


From which land flies the sound of the flute?
Carried by the spring breeze this evening
Under the leaves and flowers.
The birds listen to a conversation.
A refreshing glass of wine.
(Li Po)


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From 1pm to 6pm: wine tasting.
Entrance: 2000 yens ( including a coupon of 2000 yens deductible on any bottle bought on the day, at the tasting).

Wine line up:

George Vernay(ジョルジュ ヴェルネ)
le Clos du Caillou(クロデュカイユ)
Vieille Julienne(ヴィエイユ ジュリアン)
Chateau Vannieres(シャトーヴァニエール)
Funky Chateau(ファンキーシャトー)

From 6pm: Accoustic concert Nao IIzuka, flute and Hisao Fukushima, guitar.
Concert fee: on donation basis.

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