New winery: Château Revelette2018/10/24

Nestled in the very heart of Provence, 30 km north of Aix-en-Provence, in the commune of Jouques, lies Revelette, as resolutely unspoiled, wild and mysterious as ever. Sheltered by Mount Saint-Victoire, amidst thousands of hectares of woodland, a building, cellars, vines… A wine-growing estate with but one vocation: make real wine.






Classified as Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence appellation, Château Revelette has established its old house and its 24 hectares of vineyards on a northern terroir.
It’s part of Sainte-Victoire’s park where centenary trees can be found.

30 ha of vineyards, 17 plots of vines at an altitude of between 330 and 400 m, 11 grape varieties.
The continental climate with its cold, harsh winters and hot summers, has made this “terroir” the most septentrional of the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence appellation.

– “Ecocert” certified organic

– Ploughing post-harvest and in the spring

– Natural grassing-down during winter

-Sheep dung according to vigour and need. Treatment with (very) small doses of copper, trace elements, nettle and horsetail slurry, algae juice, sulphur

-“Green” harvest, small yields

-Manual harvesting in 20 kg crates

In the cellar:

A traditional cellar, concrete tanks and modern equipment to ensure respectful vinification
Two barrel cellars for maturing both white and red wine.

-Depending on vintage specifics, observation and tasting

-Vinification and ageing with small doses of sulphur dioxide; “rational” use of SO2 at bottling.

-Fermentation at controlled temperatures

-Where possible, no enzymes, fining agent or other additives, no commercial yeast

-Bottling on the estate




The estate produces two ranges of wines:

“Château” wines: young and aromatic, pure, delightful. Vinification and maturing in concrete tanks.
The «Château» range is the reflection of the harmony that reigns between soil, climate and vintage.

“Grands vins”: vinified and aged in barrels, powerful and tasty. A beautifully complex wine, true to itself, powerful. Elegance and balance magnified by vinification and maturing in oak barrels.
Maturing allows the wine to ‘breathe’, age comfortably. Maturity, fullness, harmony and personality are all words embodying the true nature of this wine. Recognising this wine in a blind tasting and placing them within their geographical context is our ultimate reward. Grands Vins, Le Grand Blanc and Le Grand Rouge and Série Or are built for long-term cellaring.

PUR are for the winemaker a way to experience and develop later in Grand vins.
These wines are available in white, rosé and red, just ripe harvested to express the of fruit and freshness. Wines of great drinkability.



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