Georges Henri Rivière’s exhibition, “Seeing is unterstanding”, MUCEM, Marseille2018/12/6



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“Using his life as a line of construction for this story, the exhibition sets out the breadth of his vision of a world in the throes of transformation. It first presents an intimate portrait of the man – his origins, training, and cultural and artistic milieu – up to the point when, with all those he involves thereafter, he brings about a veritable revolution of museums.

The exhibition aims to draw a portrait of the man, Georges Henri Rivière, who embodies in himself alone some of the most significant aspects of 20th century culture. It presents some 600 documents and items (works of Modern Art, popular arts objects, ethnographic objects, photos, sculptures, drawings, audiovisual archives, etc.) sourced from the Centre Pompidou, the musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, the musée d’Orsay, the Archives nationales and principally from the Mucem, which preserves the diverse and important collections of the musée des Arts et Traditions populaires.”






From Wednesday 14 November 2018 to Monday 4 March 2019


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