Spice up your Valentine’s day!2019/2/6

One of our favorite red wine and chocolate pairing: Gigondas and dark chocolate.
It’s not a secret, red wine rocks chocolate!
Concentrated, balanced, refined: Gigondas wines offer a rich bouquet with fine, spicy aromas, and a sun-drenched colour that ranges from ruby to dark red.
Its terroir is so complex that it can produce a range of aromas that goes from fruity aromas of prunes and figs, to white pepper, scrub, thyme, and liquorice. It ages well and becomes more refined over time.

There is something irresistible about a chocolate vibe in a red wine – and you’ll know it when you taste it.
As for the chocolate, we recommend intense, dark chocolate, at least 60%. It’s not so sweet as milk chocolate and just dances better with the reds.

Chocolate deposits a fine film on the palate which to some extent neutralises the tannins in the wine, it’s very appealing.

Dark chocolate goes perfectly with our dry red wines from the Rhône Valley. Very tannic and powerful, red wines have to find a balance with the bitterness and the great organoleptic complexity of cocoa.

One of the grape varieties present in the wines of the Rhône Valley and a friend of dark chocolate, is undoubtedly Grenache. As he ages, he develops a spicy nose (nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla), Garrrigue but especially, torrefaction notes that flatters the flavors of chocolate.


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Try your own wine/chocolate pairing for Valentine’s day with Gigondas 2014 red Daumen!




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