Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house “Les grands bains douches de la Plaine”2017/11/20

Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house “Les grands bains douches de la Plaine”



Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house1 Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house4 Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house5 Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house8


The ART-CADE Association was founded by Anee-Marie Pecheur and Jean Baptiste Audat in 1993 and is located at the very heart of the city of Marseille. It is a place where people can meet, exchange and experiment on the theme of art exhibitions and various cultural events. This former public baths’ establishment has now become a well-recognized exhibition center and year after year hosts projects of emerging and established artists.

Art Cade is a non-profit organisation which conducts an overall project in its very special location, bringing into play contemporary works of art that call into question the very process of creation.

Being situated in the city of Marseille signifies a deep involvement of the Association with young artists, and makes it possible to offer an open space, encourage encounters and develop a place for critique. Since its foundation in 1993, Art cade has brought together guest artists from different countries.

The artists who founded the Association intended to set up an active platform, stating modernity composed of various currents and different worlds.

The challenge has been successful over the past twenty years: music, performances, readings, culinary art, exhibitions, urban walks, exhibition beyond the city walls(Archist nomadic galleries), all disciplines: photo, video, pinting, intallation…

On view now: Sepand Danesh.
The researches of French-Iranian artist Sepand danesh are gathered in a world of silences where each gesture and each detail offer us a free reading. Every work confesses the evidence of a loneliness that is not imposed but ruled by the own history of the artist, whose family fled Iran after many years of war. Fed with a brand new french culture, and a new language he had to learn through books, Sepand Danesh applied himself to play with his double identity. From the references to the famous French writers to the notions of occidental iconography, he does not put aside the memories of Iranian life during the time of the last Chah. A work and a method lengthily considered determine the series of the paintings where the corner is the main theme. The corner illustrates the child punishment but also the inability to move forward. It is a place to commune with yourself, set or not. Some carefully thought iconographic elements nourish these vertical heights and suggest a very different interpretation to each work.
Finally, a series of little drawings realized day after day, for years, allow the artist to put ideas on a page, to tell his story and to remember-essential action for the one who escaped and had to readjust himself to a new culture.

Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house2 Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house3 Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house9 Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house7 Art-Cade Gallery, Marseille-Former bath house6

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