Cuve- Urban winery, Marseille2017/5/7

Cuve- Urban winery, Marseille


Cuve- Urban winery, Marseille1 Cuve- Urban winery, Marseille2


CUVE is a lively and urban wine-making project in Marseille.
Their eight members:
Matthieu Lhotelier, winemaker in Loire, “les champs jumeaux”
Simon (photographer, actor)
Guillaume (photographer),
Prune (architect)
Sarah (sailor)
Lico (videographer)
Tifène (illustrator- graphic-designer)
Mag (webmaster )
share all a simple philosophy: to make natural wine, to make wine to learn to do, to make wine to drink and make people drink, to make wine to learn a process, a collective project and that’s all!
The grapes grow and the CUVE project is under construction on all sides.

Red wine is made from three different grapes: Caladoc, Syrah, Grenache from the vineyards of the Maoù Estate (vin CUVE was vinified for the first year at the Maoù estate and will be for the year 2017 in their recently installed their cellar in the former Convent of the Victims of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – recently bought by the city of Marseille and located 52 Levat street in the Belle de Mai district ).

Message from the team:
“We want to flow Marseille with natural wine. Allow anyone who wants a healthy drunkenness at an affordable price. In a collective logic, each seed of our cooperative will bring its grapes to the vat to ferment a quality product, without chemicals, and accessible for all. To bring energy to the nights of the city.
From the doors of the city, we will bring back a few tons of good grapes to lose the reason. We will go together, from the Canebiere, to harvest one hectare under the heat of Domaine des Maoù managed by Vincent and Aurélie. Beautiful fruits of Grenache raised in the foothills of Mont Ventoux for the frenetic streets of Marseille. We will launch urban fermentations in the shadow of its houses, factories and offices. These vats will work in secret among the noise of the yards, and we will relay to watch the magic of this urban oenology. This work will be closely followed by the nose and tasting talents of Mathieu L’Hotelier, winemaker at the Champs Jumeaux between Nantes and Angers.
This exhilarating journey will be punctuated by collective and open events to share this ethical adventure with the inhabitants of Marseille and others. So many opportunities to meet you and share with you the questions, successes and setbacks of this city cooperative.”

After Nath Cornec’s initiative with Pour (1 bis rue Farjon, 13001 Marseille), it is a second local act to give the wine its joy!

Cuve- 52, rue Levat 13001 Marseille

Cuve- Urban winery, Marseille3 Cuve- Urban winery, Marseille4 Cuve- Urban winery, Marseille5 Cuve- Urban winery, Marseille6

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