Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.2017/11/13

Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.


Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.1 Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.3


Le Sommelier is one of the oldest cellar shop in Marseille and offers more than 750 references. Nicole Richard-Vespieren father, a former dentist, decided to change profession in 1979 and after a diploma in oenology he opened his first cellar shop in Endoume area, a long time dream.
When his daughter Nicole decided to continue her father work she followed his path and studied oenology, as she’s always knew the importance to understand how things are made.
She is also a member of the French Sommelier Association and the vice president of the Commerce Chamber of Marseille.
Her husband started to work with her 20 years ago and they opened their second cellar shop 42 Rue de Rome.
Since then they have been working closely with the vine growers of Provence and Rhone’s Valley. Their two cellars offer to their customers a different selection throughout the seasons. Taking care to specify the method of agriculture practiced by the vine grower: lutte raisonee, biodynamy or organic farming.
They also have on offer Whiskeys from all around the world, renowned Champagnes, Cognacs or Armagnac of all ages and a delicatessen corner with caviar from Aquitaine, foies gras Lafitte and specialties of Provence.
A delivery service of boxes is offered with a personalized selection of wines.
Nicole’s selection changes also every year, she always pays great attention to the weather. For example 2016 was very hot so the rose is lacking acidity in some areas in Provence.
Jury’s member of the magazine Rosé, published annually she is the founder of the 1st Rosé Festival taking place from 13th until 21st of June in Marseille.
At this occasion conferences are organised, along with wine tastings at the cellar shop and some partner shops near by. It ends with the “Music Day”(fête de la musique), the day of music celebration in France.
42 Rue de Rome, 13001 Marseille
営業 · 10時00分~13時00分, 14時30分~19時00分
+33 4 91 33 53 53


Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.2 Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.5 Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.4

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