Provence reds: know your vintages2017/11/21

Provence reds: know your vintages


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2016: A smaller vintage than the two preceding years, but well balanced with fresh fruit. Looks promising.
2015: Quality is exceptional; Bandol reds oustanding. Volumes a little down.
2014: Quality better than growers feared, after a cooler than usual summer and storms.
2013: A cool, slow spring, warm summer and severe hail storms. Good vintage for fresh, delicate whites and roses, but reds are light to mid-weight, largely not for long storage.
2012: Fresh, elegant roses. Concentrated whites with marked acidity, best will keep. Restrained, balanced reds, Coteaux Varois Syrah stands out. Volumes down by 20%.
2011: Elegant roses, well-defined reds, especially Coteaux Varois&d’Aix. Bandol successful, structured; best will need cellaring.

Decanter magazine, September 2017.

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