Cellar “La part des anges”- Marseille2017/7/17

Cellar “La part des anges”- Marseille

Cellar La part des anges- Marseille1

This fabulous all-rounder wine bar is named after the alcohol that evaporates through a barrel during wine or whisky fermentation: the angels’ share.
In the middle of Marseille city center, just few steps from the Old Port, you can take your pick of dozens of wines by the glass.
If you enjoy wine, the “Part des Anges” is indeed the place to head to in Marseille! The “Part des Anges” is a renowned wine bar and art gallery opened since 1999, born of the passion of three friends for wine. Their philosophy is simple: “there are no great or little wines, but men working and respecting their terroirs, vinifying in the rules of art or with originality.”
They consider themselves to be the last link of the chain and want nothing more than share their passion for the wines they love.

You’ll be offered to choose between 250 types wine appellations for a bottle and 70 types of wines by the glass. The bar also serves delicious cheese, or delicatessen plates, andouillette, and tapas. You will enjoy its warm atmosphere.


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33 Rue Sainte
13001 Marseille
Open daily 9am-2am non stop. Closed Sun from 1pm-6pm.

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