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Today’s pairing, Wild boar piglet stew with prunes and a Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Daumen wines 2014~


When it comes to pair a stew dish with wine, tannin should be carefully considered!
Autumn and winter are ideal seasons for cooking game and stewed meat.
During these periods, cooler and more humid, stew, casserole, “estouffade” are very much appreciated. 
Rich in antioxidants, iron and sudar, prunes are often used in these kind of recipes.
Prunes from Agen are protected with an IGP(stated geographical origin) since 2002. Others areas also produce prunes but the same appellation cannot be used.
The use of prunes in the kitchen go beyond French borders. In the Maghreb, it is commonly used in lamb tagine( slow-cooking stew). In France it owes its fame to the popular “far breton” or 2far aux pruneaux”, a batter pudding containing prunes.

In stew recipes prunes bring a certain sweetness and smoothness that should be seriously considered when chosing the wine, tannins being rarely happy when they meet sugar. It doesn’t mean red wines shouldn’t be taken in consideration for pairing with stews. However it gives indications on the tannins and balance of the wine you should look for.


For example a wild boar piglet stew with prunes could totally be associated with a full body, heady red wine. It will greatly matches with this powerful dish.


However, it’s necessary to choose a wine with red grenache for main base, alone or blend with cinsault. With this type of cuvée you will have strength of a southern wine and roundness, while tannin sap is avoided. It’ll be more difficult with more tannic grape varieties as mourvedre or cabernet-sauvignon.


For this dish a Châteauneuf-du-Pape with a majority of grenache from a solar year will very nicely to optimize the strength of this stewed dish.
With a young vintage to have a fresh and juicy fruit bringing freshness to the dish!


(source: Olivier Poussier’s article in RVF-December 2017. Olivier Poussier is the world best sommelier).

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