南ローヌから新着 “Daumen(ドーメン)” -new arrival-2017/12/7



Vieille Julienne(ヴィエイユ ジュリアン)のオーナー ジャン・ポール・ドーメンさんのプロジェクト”Daumen(ドーメン)” シャトーヌフデュパプ、コート・デュ・ローヌ、IGPプランシポテ・ドランジュ、ジゴンダスのラインナップ。各ワインはアペレーションでもトップクラスのワインを生み出しています。


The Daumen wines are a side project of Jean-Paul Daumen, the mastermind behind Vieille Julienne. The Vaucluse and Cotes-du-Rhone vineyards have been in the Daumen family as long as the Chateauneuf vineyards. They have also been under biodynamic practice since the early 90’s, with the same level of detail and care as the wines of Vieille Julienne. Both the Lirac and Gigondas come from vineyards that are owned by two former employees of Jean-Paul. Jean-Paul has worked out a deal with them to convert the vineyards to biodynamic viticulture, and they are under JP’s complete control. These wines compete at the highest level for their appellations.








Statement from the winemaker:

“Over the years as I watched the latest generation of young talented vine growers toil their fields. I came up with an idea that would become this current project: I wanted to bottle the fruit of their labor, to capture the spirit of their work, their passion. I knew we shared many things in common, especially the notion of working naturally in the vineyard, so I would simply extend this natural work to my cellar, seeking nothing more than a common expression of our Rhone terroir.

This project is about wine-making, it is about buying grapes from parcels whose soil are rich, vibrant, and alive-an integral part of my philosophy. The project is also about working sustainably.
I source fruit from organically cultivated vineyards, and use recycled materials for all our packaging to better protect our environment.


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Jean-Paul Daumen(ジャンポール・ドーメン)


This is a new portfolio of wines for me, wines that are meant to be accessible and authentic. I want them to be real wines, meant to be enjoyed without pretence. They are modest, and straight from the heart.

Finally, this project is about being true to my approach to wine making wine, which is working with the best and healthiest fruit in my cellar. This allows me to simply guide the winemaking process, with the least intervention possible. My work will remain nuanced, avoiding extraction and artifice. My desire is to leave my imprint as an artisan, with the challenge of making wine that expresses purity of fruit, uniqueness of vintage, and a terroir’s personality.
In all sincerity- “ Jean-Paul Daumen


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