Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.2017/11/13

Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.


Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.1 Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.3


Le Sommelier is one of the oldest cellar shop in Marseille and offers more than 750 references. Nicole Richard-Vespieren father, a former dentist, decided to change profession in 1979 and after a diploma in oenology he opened his first cellar shop in Endoume area, a long time dream.
When his daughter Nicole decided to continue her father work she followed his path and studied oenology, as she’s always knew the importance to understand how things are made.
She is also a member of the French Sommelier Association and the vice president of the Commerce Chamber of Marseille.
Her husband started to work with her 20 years ago and they opened their second cellar shop 42 Rue de Rome.
Since then they have been working closely with the vine growers of Provence and Rhone’s Valley. Their two cellars offer to their customers a different selection throughout the seasons. Taking care to specify the method of agriculture practiced by the vine grower: lutte raisonee, biodynamy or organic farming.
They also have on offer Whiskeys from all around the world, renowned Champagnes, Cognacs or Armagnac of all ages and a delicatessen corner with caviar from Aquitaine, foies gras Lafitte and specialties of Provence.
A delivery service of boxes is offered with a personalized selection of wines.
Nicole’s selection changes also every year, she always pays great attention to the weather. For example 2016 was very hot so the rose is lacking acidity in some areas in Provence.
Jury’s member of the magazine Rosé, published annually she is the founder of the 1st Rosé Festival taking place from 13th until 21st of June in Marseille.
At this occasion conferences are organised, along with wine tastings at the cellar shop and some partner shops near by. It ends with the “Music Day”(fête de la musique), the day of music celebration in France.
42 Rue de Rome, 13001 Marseille
営業 · 10時00分~13時00分, 14時30分~19時00分
+33 4 91 33 53 53


Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.2 Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.5 Le Sommelier- Cellar shop, Marseille.4




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定額10,000円(税込)/ 3~5本 月によって異なります。















【北ローヌ】Georges Vernay / ジョルジュ・ヴェルネ2017/11/10





「コンドリューの父」George(ジョルジュ)さんの跡を継いだ、3代目Christine(クリスティーヌ)さんによる、北ローヌを代表するこのワイナリー Georges Vernay(ジョルジュ・ヴェルネ)この土地で、ヴィオニエの白ワインとシラーの赤ワインを作っています。















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ニースにもレストランのある原宿の南仏料理「KEISUKE MATSUSHIMA TOKYO」とジョルジュ・ヴェルネのコラボレーションディナーも近日あります。
日程: 2017年11月24日(金)19:30~22:00







Condrieu Coteau du Vernon 2013 96点
Always the more powerful, thick and rich of the Condrieu releases, the flagship 2013 Condrieu Coteau du Vernon will compete with the top two to three wines in the vintage. Coming from very old vines planted on a steep, granite slope located just behind the estate, it offers full throttle notes of sauteed peach, marmalade, honeysuckle, liquid rock and citrus oil. Big, rich, textured and nicely concentrated, it nevertheless stays fresh, lively and weightless on the palate, with notable purity and a clean, dry finish. It doesn’t come cheap (nor should it), but it’s a tour de force in Condrieu that will drink nicely for a decade or more… although I always like to preface that with the sure bet is to enjoy bottles a year after the vintage and over the following 3-4 years.


Cote Rotie Maison Rouge 2011 92点
Continuing to drink beautifully, the 2011 Cote Rotie Maison Rouge (100% Syrah fermented with a small amount of stems) shows the sunny, forward nature of the vintage with its ripe black raspberry, strawberry, spring flowers and spice-laced bouquet. Medium-bodied, elegant and silky, with good ripeness, drink it anytime over the coming decade. The elevage was 20-35% new French oak, and this was also the first vintage where they utilized a newly purchased parcel in the Maison Rouge lieu-dit.


Condrieu Coteau du Vernon 掲載

Friche de l’Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère (Sculpture and light architecture park)- Marseille2017/11/8

Friche de l’Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère (Sculpture and light architecture park)- Marseille


Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère 1 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère2 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère3 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère9


The Friche de l’Escalette recycles the ruins of an old lead factory that worked from 1851 to 1925. An industrial heritage landmark, its superb natural site on the rugged coast south of Marseilles is now part of the Parc National des Calanques.

A modern and contemporary sculpture and lightweight architecture display for visits by small groups led by a guide is being laid out there. The itinerary salutes the vernacular “cabanon”- the holiday-weekender, and will cover the period running from Jean Prouvé to the plastic utopias of the 60s and 70s.

Éric Touchaleaume, a Parisian galerist, is a fervent supporter of the modernist heritage in danger. In 2007, he sold his gallery of 54 Rue Mazarine in Paris for the Hotel Martel in Mallet-Steven, the apartment of the sculptor Jan Martel, occupying the second and third floor which he restored, then the vast Atelier Martel of the ground- floor.
In love with the city of Marseille he bought in 2011 the Friche de l’Escalette, to create this project unpublished.

For its second summer exhibition, Architecture-Art-Ameublement, the Friche de l’Escalette presents from July 1 to September 30, 2017, “Plastic Utopia”, original plastic bubbles scattered in the ruins of the old lead factory.
These are rare testimonies of futuristic plastic habitats, from the late sixties to the early seventies, whose faded out with the oil crisis of 1973.

To discover : The Hexacube of Georges Candilis (1913-1995) and Anja Blomstedt (1937), of 1972. This talented collaborator of Le Corbusier ( particularly their collabration, for five years, on the site of the Cité Radieuse of Marseille) is the creator of the holiday villages. Inspired by his native Greece, Port-Leucate and Port-Barcarès, between 1964 and 1972, now classified as Historic Monuments.

Since the site is under a conservation order, the sculpture and architecture park, will have minimum impact on the poetic dimension of the rocky coastal terrain.
It will evolve slowly with each summer, inviting a discerning public to follow its organic growth year by year.


Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère5 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère6 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère7 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère8 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère11 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère12 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère4 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère14 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère15 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère17 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère10 Friche de l'Escalette- Parc de sculpture et d’architecture légère13


address: Route des Goudes, impasse de l’Escalette
13008 Marseille

Free entrance for group of 15 people
Open everyday from July 1st to September 3rd, 4 visits/day
Booking at: contact@friche-escalette.com

Restaurant “Pépé”, Marseille.2017/11/7

Restaurant “Pépé”, Marseille.


Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.8 Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.2 Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.6


This gem for gourmands has the atmosphere of a hunting party twisted with neon lights. The cuisine of the talented chef Jérôme Benoît ( already in charge of “Mémé” kitchen, his first restaurant, on Boulevard Longchamp), swings between earth and sea.
The semi-gastronomic world of the chef has been adapted to satisfy all the appetites.
The prices are milder than chez Mémé but the quality and provenance of the products are always outstanding. Between 17 and 24 € for a hanger steak with homemade béarnaise sauce or a tray of shellfish with bordelaise.

The selection of wines – excellent- comes from the cellar that faces the restaurant: Plus Belle la Vigne. The bread from Maison Honoré and the meat from Chez Charly (Avenue Saint-Jerome) well-known Marseille’ adress.

The large farm tables invite to share the dishes and accompaniments served generously, in a cozy atmosphere in the evening and almost a feeling of guinguette at lunch time, thanks to the terrace and straw hats (provided).


Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.1 Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.4 Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.5 Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.7 Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.3 Restaurant Pépé, Marseille.9


Adress: 15 Cours Julien 13006 Marseille
Open Monday and Wednesday 19h30-00h00 / Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 12h00-00h00
Starter 7-14€ / Dish 22-23 €/ Dessert 6 €
07 81 02 21 47

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