In Vincent Van Gogh footsteps around Arles in Provence.2019/5/22


“Vincent Van Gogh lived in Arles in the South of France for more than a year. He experienced great productivity there before suffering from a mental breakdown.

He arrived in Arles on 20 February 1888. After two years in Paris, he was tired of the bustle and demands of city life and longed for the sunshine and vibrant colors of the south. When he got to Arles, he took a room at:
– the hotel-restaurant Carrel,


and later, one at :
– Café de la Gare.




In early September, he moved into:
– the Yellow House,
which he had begun using as a studio on 1st of May.


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He was highly productive during this period and made numerous paintings and drawings in and around Arles. He developed an expressive, individual painting style characterized by bold colors and dynamic brushstrokes. In Arles, he met the artists Eugène Boch, Dodge MacKnight and Christian Mourier-Petersen and befriended the postal official Joseph Roulin. Paul Gauguin came to join him in October, and they worked together in Arles for two months.

In late December, Vincent suffered a psychotic episode in which he cut off part of his ear. Gauguin went back to Paris soon afterward. Vincent was admitted to hospital and discharged on 7 January. In late January and February, however, he suffered two more attacks, and he returned to hospital for a longer spell. On 8 May 1889, he left Arles to be voluntarily committed to a psychiatric institution in Saint-Rémy de Provence.

Other places dedicated to the artist:

-The Fondation Vincent Van Gogh Arles aims to showcase and promote Van Gogh’s artistic heritage while also asking questions about the resonance of his oeuvre in art today. By presenting the painting of van Gogh in the context of works by contemporary artists, it seeks to stimulate a fruitful dialogue centered on interrogation and reflection.”




winelist updated! 5/19(日)南仏ローヌ&プロヴァンスワイン試飲&販売会 *ご予約不要2019/5/19







◆北ローヌ ディー【Jaillance ジャイアンス】野生酵母(一部)、ビオロジック栽培(一部)、無濾過、補酸なし(一部)
白泡 Clairette de die Tradition A.Duperrier NV ¥2,177
new★白泡 Domaine de Peyrols Clairette de die Tradition blanc NV ¥2,659
new★白泡 Cremant de die Brut grande Icone Bio 2013 ¥2,729

◆北ローヌ コンドリュ【フランソワデュマス】 野生酵母、ビオロジック栽培、無濾過、補糖、補酸なし
new★白 Condrieu blanc 2016 ¥6,308

◆北ローヌ【Georges Vernay ジョルジュヴェルネ】 野生酵母、ビオロジック栽培、無濾過、補糖、補酸なし
赤 IGP Syrah 2016 ¥2,477
赤 cotes du Rhone Rouge 2015 ¥2,807
赤 Saint joseph Rouge 2014 ¥7,915
赤 Cote Rotie Maison Rouge 2014 ¥13,405

◆南ローヌ シャトーヌフデュパプ【Daumen ドーメン】野生酵母、ビオ認証FR BIO 01、無清澄、無濾過、補酸なし
赤 IGP 2015 ¥1,907
赤 cotes du Rhone Rouge 2015 ¥2,186
赤 Gigondas Rouge 2014 ¥3,833
赤 Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge 2014 ¥4,598

◆南ローヌシャトーヌフデュパプ 【Vieille Julienne ヴィエイユ ジュリアン】野生酵母、ビオディナミ栽培、無清澄、無濾過、補酸なし
赤 Vieille Julienne cotes du Rhone Clavin Rouge 2014 ¥2,765

◆南ローヌ シャトーヌフデュパプ【le Clos du Caillou クロ デュ カイユ】野生酵母、ビオ認証FR BIO 10、現在ビオディナミ進行中、無濾過、補酸なし
赤 cotes du Rhone le Caillou Rouge 2017 ¥2,551
赤 Bouquet des Garrigues Rouge 2015 ¥3,219
赤 Nature Rouge 2017 ¥3,522
白 Reserve Blanc 2017 ¥4,634
赤 Reserve Rouge 2016 ¥4,634
赤 Reserve Rouge 2012 ¥15,482

◆プロヴァンスバンドール【Gros Noreグロノレ】 野生酵母、リュットレゾネ(化学肥料・除草剤使用を最低限に抑えた栽培)、無濾過、無清澄
白 Gros Nore Bandol Blanc 2017 ¥4,250
ロゼ Rose 2017 ¥3,542

白 IGP Bouches du Rhone Le Grand Blanc 2015 ¥10,692
赤 IGP Mediterranee Le Grand Rouge 2015 ¥10,692

◆プロヴァンス【Roquefort シャトードロックフォー】野生酵母、ビオディナミ栽培
赤 Cotes de Provence Les Mures Rouge 2015
赤 Gueule de Loup Rouge 2016 ¥3,272




【日時】 2019年5月19日(日) 13:00 ~ 18:00  最終エントランス 17:30 (ご予約不要)
【会費】 エントランス料 ¥2,000 (¥2,000のディスカウントチケット付き)
152-0034 東京都目黒区緑が丘1-14-7 1F
東急 大井町線「緑が丘」駅 改札出て右側線路下を過ぎ、すぐ左折して商店街約350m直進











Blossoming has started at Domaine du Gros Noré, Bandol AOC.2019/5/18


Few differences can be obseved on these four different grape varieties: the star of Bandol, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Clairette and Cinsault.


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Yeast Gallery event by Miica Fran2019/5/18

Food creator Miica Fran event last Sunday at Yeast Gallery was inspired by the masterpieces of Van Gogh “Van Gogh et la nature”, Monet “Les Nymphéas”, Picasso “Guernica”, Le Corbusier “Ronchamp chapel” , Cézanne “Pommes et oranges”.

Creative and delicious menu, great pairing with aVin wines!

Thank you Miica Fran!


60300130_289953815286779_8099125920054378496_n  60613189_1156671951179738_2527988699266809856_n


60318675_336953760339665_8454243260720742400_n      Cezanne-Apples-and-Oranges-sm


60390633_427475891383260_849491518367465472_n    60176844_288412815442137_6034777183749144576_n


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PARADISE BEER FACTORY in Kashima: Farmer grown, Farmer Brewed.2019/5/1


“Fine crops + sacred water + plain madness = Paradise Beer”


58694132_364629270854449_964508655200239616_n   58761571_3378426998849934_8599135571589201920_n

Kashima Beer Factory is located five minutes walk from the power-spot shrine Kashima-Jingu.

There is a bus or train from Tokyo station, both takes around 1h30.

– Fairly new brewery but already prize winning beer! There is a ground floor bar, shop and brewery and upstairs the main cafe/restaurant space.



58751172_2297471083874892_2831438304916799488_n    58950071_285112429041559_5733640443757854720_n

– They currently have a beer line up of eight beers, five of which were represented on tap. You can buy the others in the shop in bottles to take away. All beers are served in the same size and priced the same (US pint, ¥950 and half, which was in a tulip glass and probably at least 300ml, ¥700).

All beers are made using water from the nearby Kashima Jingu, apparently an unusually hard water for Japan. The beers fall loosely in the field of Belgian styles, but more on the Wit/lower alcohol side of the Belgian beer spectrum. There were nods to other more popular styles with an IPA and session IPA, but both still retained some Belgian hints.

Delicious pizzas or one plate lunch on the menu (organic vegetables from the farm of the same owner).






Available to buy at bar aVin wine shop:
〒152-0002 東京都目黒区目黒本町2丁目3−1



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